In collaboration with the finest architects, designers and glazing professionals, Paragon Architectural Products, LLC offers a diverse collection of architectural specialty glass and turn-key structural glass solutions. We have the ability to make your design a reality and we embrace the most technical challenges. Our products have been installed in commercial, hospitality, museum, healthcare and high-end residential settings worldwide.



Structural Glass Solutions
Design, Engineer, Fabricate

If your goal is to be transparent, Paragon is your source. Paragon structural glass systems are designed to allow large expanses of space to be frameless and spatial; thus transparent.

Paragon is your source for Glass Fin Systems, Glass Canopies, Roofs and Skylights, Tension Structures and Glass Flooring Systems. Whatever the application, we have the technology. Utilizing the latest SAP and digital modeling technology, our turn-key system includes design and consultation, engineering, shop drawings and fabrication of glass, fittings and associated steel/aluminum components.

Glass Floors & Stair Treads
Anti-Slip Walkable Safety Glass

Glass as a flooring option introduces new architectural opportunities allowing designers to play with color and light, defining space.

Paragon’s Anti-Slip Glass Floors and Treads are fully tested and engineered walking surfaces designed to instill confidence. Even in the most demanding traffic conditions Paragon Glass flooring will exceed expectations; wet or dry.

Durascreen Anti-Slip Glass is a specially formed anti-slip ceramic, permanently tempered onto the glass surface. Durascreen Anti-Slip can be printed in custom patterns or in standard line and dot patterns and will provide resistance where other floors fail.

T-Glaz Anti-Slip Glass is a proprietary, fully transparent anti-slip solution for the most transparent and pristine requirements.

Cast Glass Products
Architectural Sculptural Art

Paragon creates dramatic cast glass features utilizing the latest glass pouring and slumping techniques. Our technology allows us to create deep glass reliefs resulting in unlimited design expression. We have over 60 standard slumped patterns and the ability to poured molten glass crystal in very large sizes.

Almost any pattern, graphic, logo, texture or fine-art can be created. Cast glass can also be created in numerous colors & finishes and shapes. Architects have called on Paragon to create cast glass for commercial interior and exterior projects as well as luxury homes.

Switchable Privacy / Selective Viewing

Privacy Switchable Glass
Privacy Switchable Glass merges liquid crystal (LCD) technology with laminated glass. Sandwiched between two lites of glass an LCD interlayer creates controllable privacy at the flip of a switch. Upon activation the Privacy Switchable Glass appears completely clear, while in non-active mode the glass appears fully translucent.

Privacy Switchable Glass is widely used in corporate interiors, health-care environments and high-end residences; and can also be used as a space saving projection screen. Paragon’s next generation LCD film is available in a max. size of 47 x 120”. Paragon swicthable privacy glass can also be created in palette of vibrant colors.

Vista Selekt (Selective Viewing Glass)
Vista Selekt Glass is a laminated safety glass where certain viewing angles appear transparent while other angles are translucent. Vista Selekt and is an ideal material for controlling privacy in V.I.P. dinning and lounge areas and comes in a variety of angles and colors.

Durascreen Silk-Screened Ceramic Glass

Durascreen Ceramic Printed Glass utilizes a proprietary weather-resistant, ceramic material, permanently fused onto the glass surface to provide dramatic visual effects and enhanced solar performance of your project. Durascreen’s light altering effects are widely used building envelope, canopy and skylight applications to control light transmission and add color and form to glass architecture.

While dots and lines are generally the most popular choices we have the ability to print very complex graphics and logos as well as full-coat spandrel applications. Durascreen is available in jumbo sizes and can be insulated and laminated and can also be combined with tinted glass substrates, and specialty low-e high performance coatings to handle glare and the most demanding environmental conditions.

Decorative Laminated Safety Glass
Imagery, Color, Artistic Expression

Does your project require precise color, image quality and light transmittance? Are you looking for fine-art quality, color, graphics and high-resolution imagery, in a safety glass composition? If so, you come to right place.

Paragon produces custom interlayer and specialty laminated safety glass of the highest quality. Our process and raw-materials has been tested in the most demanding conditions; exhibiting superior color performance. Paragon also offers standard laminated glass products including fabrics, woods, perforated metals, rice paper/shoji screens, and Privacy Glass Products.

Aluminum & Steel Fabrication
Extrusion, Louvers, Panels

Utilizing state of the art equipment and technology Paragon supplies a variety of custom fabricated aluminum and steel products, including Performance Louvers and Sun Shades, Aluminum Panels and Cladding, and Custom Curtain Wall Extrusion/Profiles.

Our Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and epoxy/polyester powder coated products are of the highest quality. With monthly production capabilities exceeding 600,000 sq. ft. of coatings & fabrication alike; we are prepared to handle large projects with precision tolerances.